Decatur Presbyterian Church is governed by “presbyters”, or elders, who are lay leaders elected by the congregation. Our 33 elders, plus two youth elders, serve a three-year term in three classes of 11 elders each.

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Class of 2018 – Bill Cheatham, Cheryl Darnell, Rachel Ellis, David Holbrook, Jeanie Mehlhop, Ed Owens, Betty Saye, Beryl Taylor, Vic Verdi, Brianna Hunter (youth)

Class of 2019 – Nicole Alexander, Sue Bingeman, Lynn Evans, Ken Graff, Dudley Larus, Connie Morris, Connie Perry, Gordon Rose, Jody Sauls

Class of 2020 – Hikie Allen IV, Trish Allen, Jan Bedol, Betheda Gramling, Laura Hampton, David Hughes, Charlie Orth, Scott Overcarsh, Jeremy Smith

Session Schedule

The session of DPC is the body of elders elected by the congregation who serve alongside the pastors.

The session meets bi-monthly on the Fourth Tuesdays @ 6PM and weekly on Sunday mornings at 10:10am.

For more information: Clerk of session, Dudley Larus, or Moderator, Rev. Dr. Todd Speed.