The phrase “wide-open doors” commonly refers to hospitality​​. To welcome someone with “wide-open doors” means to ​love them ​in the name of Christ ​regardless of any circumstance—creed, race, age, ability. Welcoming people in this way was a hallmark of Jesus’ life and ministry on Earth. As followers of Christ, we follow his example, believing in and living out the radical hospitality Jesus showed for others, and we seek to live his hospitality beyond the doors of the church as we deepen the connections between Decatur Presbyterian Church members and our surrounding community.

For DPC, “Wide-Open Doors” embodies two fundamental aspects of our ministry, incorporating both our facilities and ministries.

First, the church ​is renovating its campus with hospitality at the heart of the effort – Hospitality in creating a more functional, welcoming orientation of the building; hospitality in developing children and youth spaces better equipped to ​nurture our youngest generations; and hospitality in updating our infrastructure to enable future generations to continue welcoming the congregation and community for years to come. We invite all to participate in this important, multi-year effort. Visit our Wide-Open Doors Campaign to learn details about the plans and passion behind this effort, and learn how you can help.

Secondly, DPC will embark on a year-long exploration of the theme “Wide-Open Doors.” Join us as we study scripture, listen to sermons, participate in missions and small group discussions, and enjoy fellowship ​as we discover ​the ​many ​ways ​that ​the generosity of the phrase Wide-Open Doors ​theme ​impacts our lives​, ​both within the doors of the church and throughout our community.