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Faith in Real Life

Invitations & Obligations

The Parable of the Wedding Feast, as told in the gospel of Matthew, calls to mind images of the vengeful God more commonly associated with the Old Testament. As an Easter people, this image doesn’t square with our understanding of God. However, if we peel back the unsavory...
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DPC has a vibrant church life in both worship and play. Visit our photo gallery to see the latest in what's happening!
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Recent News

Construction Pictures: Week of July 18th

Construction continues on the planned Wide-Open Doors projects. Here, we get a look at the new entrance to the Bradley Building, progress on the new connector tot he McGeachy Building, open walls and new office spaces.  
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Construction Update: Current Projects

Decatur Presbyterian continues work on planned construction for the Wide-Open Doors Campaign projects all summer. Here’s a look at what happened last week and what’s ahead this week. Keep up with the latest news here on the DPC website! Last week: Formed site stairs...
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Construction Updates: A First Look

Crews are hard at work on the planned construction for the Wide-Open Doors campaign! Walls have come down, forms for new walls have gone up, space has been made for a new elevator shaft, and much more is now underway. Take a look at the first images of the work that’s...
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