Wide-Open Doors: Construction Pics from Week of Sept. 7th

The summer’s hard work has paid off! Workers have completed many spaces in the Bradley building for the Decatur Presbyterian Children’s Community and Global Village Project. Work still continues on the McGeachy building, new office spaces, and the new connectors between buildings. See the latest updates!

Workers Between Buildings

Workers Between Buildings
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Construction Update: First Look – Week of Aug. 15th

Construction on the first phase of Wide-Open Doors projects is speeding toward completion! Spaces in the Bradley building are nearly completed. See the latest!

2nd floor connector between Sanctuary & McGeachy

2nd floor connector between Sanctuary & McGeachy
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Construction Update: First Look – Week of August 2nd

During the week of August 2nd, work crews at DPC began re-wiring the sanctuary lighting, installed safety features for the Bradley building entrances, and continued work on the new connector between buildings. See the latest images!

Connector from Decatur library side (v)

Connector from Decatur library side (v)
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Construction Update: First Look, Week of July 25

Construction progress continues at DPC! More visible signs of progress appear for the connector between the McGeachy and Bradley buildings. New walls are going up, and our new elevator shaft is taking shape! See the latest images below, and keep up with our progress online and on social media!

Elevator shaft looking down from 2nd floor of McGeachy

Elevator shaft looking down from 2nd floor of McGeachy
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Construction Pictures: Week of July 18th

Construction continues on the planned Wide-Open Doors projects. Here, we get a look at the new entrance to the Bradley Building, progress on the new connector tot he McGeachy Building, open walls and new office spaces.


Foundation to connector

Foundation to connector
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Construction Update: Current Projects

Decatur Presbyterian continues work on planned construction for the Wide-Open Doors Campaign projects all summer. Here’s a look at what happened last week and what’s ahead this week. Keep up with the latest news here on the DPC website!

Last week:

  • Formed site stairs on the south side
  • Abated asbestos in the old Church office area
  • Continued to install electrical conduit for new services
  • Roughed in the walls in the 3rd floor restrooms in McGeachy building
  • Graded new playground area

This week:

  • Plaster repair begins in the Phase 1 floors
  • Install new ceilings in Phase 1 areas
  • Continue roughing in walls of large restrooms
  • Pour the site stairs on south side
  • Continue with the new elevator walls
  • Shore floor in old church office area and start demo of existing walls
  • Continue steel install in N. connector area.

Construction Updates: A First Look

Crews are hard at work on the planned construction for the Wide-Open Doors campaign! Walls have come down, forms for new walls have gone up, space has been made for a new elevator shaft, and much more is now underway. Take a look at the first images of the work that’s begun!

Wide-Open Doors: Construction Progress

Chancel Choir Room

Chancel Choir Room
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The updated Chancel Choir Room is underway.

Wide-Open Doors Town Hall Meetings Planned

Decatur Presbyterian Church will hold three townhall meetings to give updates on the Wide-Open Doors campaign in the coming weeks! All are invited and encouraged to attend sessions planned for June 25, July 30, and August 20 right after worship. These sessions will provide participants updates on the progress of campaign projects, and allow the chance to get answers to your questions.

Construction Update: Open Entrances

While the church undergoes planned construction, many doors and hallways will be inaccessible. Most groups have relocated to new gathering spaces temporarily to accommodate the work. A full list of groups and their temporary meeting spaces can be found here. The below map shows which entrances are open, and which are not. Please consider this when coming to the church for Sunday worship or group meetings. There is also signage posted around the church to help you navigate the building and identify closed entrances.

We greatly appreciate your patience as we make room for work crews during this exciting project!