Adult Library at DPC Open for Business

Like gardens, libraries need periodic weeding. That’s what we librarians call it when we look at a
collection and remove items that are out of date, in poor condition, or no longer needed for other
reasons. Libraries that are not weeded regularly accumulate unused books that get in the way of finding
the title one needs for learning, inspiration or entertainment.

The church library exists to support this community of faith as we learn and grow in knowledge of God
and service to God’s people. After consulting with Pastor Alex Rodgers, who is responsible for Faith
Formation, I looked at every book in DPC’s collection. We kept those that were either published recently
enough to reflect current knowledge and social conditions, or timeless enough in their approach to be
valuable in our time. I was particularly looking for:

  • Reformed theology and church history
  • Bible commentaries and interpretation, and other aids to understanding and teaching our faith
  • Missions and missionaries
  • Aids to understanding other denominations and faiths
  • Inspiration and godly entertainment, such as fiction with a Christian focus

The “weeds” from this process went into the church yard sale last spring, and those that didn’t sell were
donated appropriately. The “keepers” now are on the shelves in the Adult Gathering Space for your use.
Circulating books may be checked out from there; instructions are posted for your guidance. Books from
the Reference section are for use in the Adult Gathering Space, or if needed for a Sunday School class or
the like, should be returned immediately afterward.

The Adult Gathering Space is located on the upper level of the McGeachy Building. It can be reached
using elevators or stairs from the hallway of The Global Village Project refugee girls school or from the
associate pastors’ offices. The volunteer at the reception desk can help you locate it during the week.
The space is open and accessible on Sunday mornings, too.

Article written by Tony Miller.

Construction Pics: Week of November 9th, 2017

Construction is nearing a close! As we approach the end of construction, we get our first true glimpse of what the months-long effort has brought us to.  Finishing touches are coming to the Keith Parlor and new reception area. Windows and doors are added to the new connectors between buildings, and the newly renovated Sycamore House takes shape. Check it out!

New Carpet in Sycamore House

New Carpet in Sycamore House
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Construction Progress: October 17, 2017

Several renovated spaces are taking shape on the main part of the Decatur Presbyterian campus! This week, we got a first look at the new choir rehearsal room. Furniture has arrived for the updated Keith Parlor that will serve as the main entrance to the church. The new connectors between the church buildings come a step closer to completion with each day, and not a moment too soon! Church staff and committees excitedly await new meeting spaces as they currently gather in the church narthex.

Fellowship Hall (view 1)

Fellowship Hall (view 1)
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Construction Progress: October 11, 2017

Construction crews continue work on the new connectors between buildings on the main church campus, but this week we have our first look at progress on Sycamore House! Early Monday, October 22, we will have a planned power outage to upgrade service to the church. No impacts to church office openings are anticipated.

DPCC pick-up line

DPCC pick-up line
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Where Does My Child Go Sunday Mornings?

Decatur Presbyterian’s planned construction has entered a new phase! Sycamore House, the location for children’s activities throughout the summer, is now under construction. That means that the nursery and Children’s Ministries have moved to a new location in the renovated areas of the Bradley Building. See below for full details on where your children go on Sunday mornings!

Construction Update: First Look – Week of August 2nd

During the week of August 2nd, work crews at DPC began re-wiring the sanctuary lighting, installed safety features for the Bradley building entrances, and continued work on the new connector between buildings. See the latest images!

Connector from Decatur library side (v)

Connector from Decatur library side (v)
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Construction Update: First Look, Week of July 25

Construction progress continues at DPC! More visible signs of progress appear for the connector between the McGeachy and Bradley buildings. New walls are going up, and our new elevator shaft is taking shape! See the latest images below, and keep up with our progress online and on social media!

Elevator shaft looking down from 2nd floor of McGeachy

Elevator shaft looking down from 2nd floor of McGeachy
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Construction Update: Open Entrances

While the church undergoes planned construction, many doors and hallways will be inaccessible. Most groups have relocated to new gathering spaces temporarily to accommodate the work. A full list of groups and their temporary meeting spaces can be found here. The below map shows which entrances are open, and which are not. Please consider this when coming to the church for Sunday worship or group meetings. There is also signage posted around the church to help you navigate the building and identify closed entrances.

We greatly appreciate your patience as we make room for work crews during this exciting project!