Decatur Presbyterian Church has begun its annual stewardship campaign for 2018. The theme of our church year is “Wide-Open Doors,” which comes from Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians.  The image of the door appears throughout Scripture, illustrating different aspects of our relationship with God and our obligations to Him.  Through some of those verses, this campaign will celebrate how the missions and ministries of Decatur Presbyterian Church help deepen that relationship and fulfill those obligations.

During this time, DPC asks its members and regular visitors to prayerfully consider the work the church is doing, both locally and globally, and how they may give to help support the continuation of that work.

The 2018 Stewardship Campaign ends November 12, 2017. Please complete and submit the linked pledge form no later than this date. Additional links to information about the work and mission of the church are also provided. Church Life