After years of study and consultation, Decatur Presbyterian Church has begun a new Capital Campaign. We prayerfully discerned how best to preserve the character of our beautiful and historic campus while renovating it to meet the needs of a 21st century church. 

Three themes guide our efforts:

  1. Making our buildings more hospitable by improving their accessibility and function.
  2. Addressing critical repairs to our infrastructure.
  3. Relocating and improving our faith formation spaces for children and youth.

Campaign News

Construction Pictures: Week of July 18th

Construction continues on the planned Wide-Open Doors projects. Here, we get a look at the new entrance to the Bradley Building, progress on the...
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Construction Update: Current Projects

Decatur Presbyterian continues work on planned construction for the Wide-Open Doors Campaign projects all summer. Here’s a look at what...
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Construction Updates: A First Look

Crews are hard at work on the planned construction for the Wide-Open Doors campaign! Walls have come down, forms for new walls have gone up,...
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Wide-Open Doors Town Hall Meetings Planned

Decatur Presbyterian Church will hold three townhall meetings to give updates on the Wide-Open Doors campaign in the coming weeks! All are...
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Construction Update: Open Entrances

While the church undergoes planned construction, many doors and hallways will be inaccessible. Most groups have relocated to new gathering spaces...
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Where Do I Go? Alternate Meeting Spaces for Construction

Planned construction on the Decatur Presbyterian Church Campus begins soon! During that time, meeting spaces for most groups that meet at the...
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Watch the Video

The Wide-Open Doors Campaign seeks to honor the heritage of the church while equipping it to better serve the community in the 21st century. Listen to church members discuss how proposed improvements would help to prepare the church for the next generation to come.

View the Plans

Click an image to see how the DPC campus will be transformed into a more welcoming, hospitable environment for all.

Additional Information

Select the links below to find more detail about the Wide-Open Doors Campaign. If you have questions about the Campaign, please email Elizabeth Orth at