The Chancel Choir is composed of 40 volunteer and professional singers whose chief aim is to offer their very best efforts to facilitate divine worship.

Complementing the sincere efforts of the singers is the high esprit de corps and a comprehensive music library that has accumulated over the 180 year history of DPC. This library is a tremendous resource allowing the texts of the musical offerings to be matched to the scriptural emphasis of each service.

The choir is often complimented for its “purity of sound”—a result of emphasis on equal blending of the written harmonies and avoidance of vibrato. Listen to the choir.

An important, but often overlooked, aspect of the choir’s role is to facilitate congregational singing. The choir typically stops in the aisles on the first verse of the processional hymn to sing along side the congregation, as well as leading hymns and sung responses from the chancel area.

The choir has been honored to represent the church in ministry beyond its walls through invitations to sing for other churches, professional and community events. See separate listing of Performance Locations.


Choir Librarian

  • JoAnn Murphy

Choir Officers

  • Ann Churchman, President
  • Kathy Smith, Secretary
  • Joe Melhop, Treasurer
  • Mimi Thurman, Soprano Section Representative
  • Daryle Maroney, Alto Section Representative
  • Vernon Gramling, Tenor Section Representative
  • Jeremy Smith, Bass Section Representative