Contact: Brandon Laird
or call 404-378-1777
Place: Bradley Building

Our school policies ensure a welcoming, safe and nurturing environment for your children.


  • DPCC has an Open Door Policy for parents. You are welcome in your child’s classroom any time after the first six weeks of school. We ask that you check in with the office upon your arrival and that you time your visits with sensitivity to your child’s separation abilities.
  • Put all communication, payments, forms, etc., in your child’s folder, and check your child’s folder each day. Please do not put these items loose inside the book bag or lunch box.
  • DPCC is your partner in nurturing and educating your child. Your participation and gifts are needed to offer the best program possible. There are many opportunities for involvement, and we appreciate your willingness to serve.
  • Please notify your child’s teacher if you are unable to attend special programs and events during the school year, as well as talking with your child about your absence. These communications enable all of us to be responsive to your child’s needs.
  • We are unable to accommodate siblings and relatives in the classroom when they are out of school. Please do not send your older children to help or visit in the morning. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • If you and your child would like to stay and play on the playground after carpool, please wait until the carpool is over to come to the playground. This will make a very hectic time less crowded. We appreciate your cooperation.



  • DPCC strives to be a peanut free environment. Please do not send lunches, snacks, or treats containing peanut products.
  • Hand washing is an important part of good hygiene and of our day. Please reinforce hand washing as a as a routine at home.
  • Children must be fever free and nausea free for 24 hours, without medication, before returning to school. Children should not come to school if they have diarrhea or a cold.
  • Please do not turn of your phones during school hours. We will only call  if your child is sick or we need to check about lunch bunch.
  • Hand washing is an important part of good hygiene and of our day. Please reinforce hand washing as a routine at home.
  • If your child cannot go outside due to illness, please keep him/her at home.
  • Notify the office if your child has a contagious illness, i.e. chicken pox, strep, and pinkeye; so that we can notify other DPCC families.
  • The Board of Health requires DPCC to have a current Immunization Form 3231 on file for each child. Please ask for an updated form whenever your child receives an immunization.
  • We will notify you if you child suffers an injury during the morning. We will notify you immediately if the injury involves the head or may require medical attention.
  • Your child’s teacher will notify you of any food allergies in the class. Please follow any restrictions that are necessary for the well-being of the children.
  • We can be responsible for epipens, asthma inhalers, and medications to counteract allergic reactions. We cannot be responsible for vitamins and fever/pain reducers – please do not send these to school with your child.


School Closings

DPCC will close for inclement weather when the City of Decatur Schools close. For discretionary closings, DPCC will email parents or use a phone tree service to notify parents. Please listen to a local station for weather closing information. If your home is without heat for an extended time, please call Ellen to see if the church is available for shelter.


Birthdays are very important to children. We are honored to help your child celebrate this important day. To make sure this day is special for all, please follow these policies:

  • The birthday child will be snack person on his/her birthday. Feel free to bring cupcakes, a big cookie, or a favorite treat. The low sugar rule is suspended for birthdays.
  • Parents are welcome to join the class for birthday snack, but please do not bring hats, balloons, goody bags, or other party paraphernalia. Napkins and paper plates are appropriate. Please check with your child’s teacher for the time of snack.



  • Dress your child in comfortable and manageable clothing. Elastic waists are easiest to manage and layers offer comfort during cool morning/warm afternoon spells.
  • Children must wear comfortable soft-soled shoes and socks to school – i.e. Keds. COWBOY BOOTS AND SANDALS ARE NOT APPROPRIATE FOR SAFE AND ACTIVE PLAY.
  • Please send appropriate shoes and socks in the back pack if it is an issue in the morning.
  • Each child needs a backpack or tote bag big enough for preschool valuables, but small enough for your child to manage. Please, no wheeled backpacks. Your child’s name should be clearly marked on the bag, as well as on all clothing, lunch boxes, etc.
  • Outdoor play is an important part of your child’s day at DPCC. Dress your child in durable, washable clothes and shoes.



  • DPCC strives to be a peanut free environment. Please do not send snacks containing peanuts or peanut products.
  • Send healthy, nutritious snacks for your child’s class that are low in sugar and sensitive to any food allergies in the class.
  • Two items are best as they offer some choice.
  • Engage your child in planning snacks from the teacher’s list of suggested snacks.
  • We serve water with snacks.



  • Please do not park in the church parking lot during business hours if you are not involved in a DPCC or church function. Church functions have priority and every space possible must be made available for these functions.
  • Do not park in the Sycamore lot.


Teachers welcome interesting objects to share with the class, such as nature specimens, books, records, pictures, etc. Toys and breakable items are not allowed. Your child’s teacher will notify you of special sharing days in the class.