Making sacred music is a joyful undertaking that calls for genuine dedication of both time and talent.

We believe it is our sacred duty to offer only the very best of classical and contemporary literature.

Within the context of Divine Worship, the congregation is highly participative, not an audience to be entertained.  Spoken and sung liturgy, prayers and hymns are essential avenues of expression for every Christian.  In this perspective, the choirs are merely an extension, albeit in a leadership role, of the congregation in offering praise to Almighty God.

We hope you will take time to explore the connections offered on this site and learn more about the Decatur Presbyterian Church music ministry.  Our prayer is that you will be blessed by what you learn and will join us, or offer prayer or logistical support to our choirs as they raise praise to God.

2019 – 2020 Organ Dedication Concert Series

Music Ministries

The Decatur Presbyterian Church Music Ministry enriches and facilitates our worship services by:

  • reinforcing the scripture lessons of the day by presenting the texts in a musical setting;
  • providing an ethereal bridge in communing with God; and
  • leading the congregation in glorifying God.