2022 ALL IN! Pledge Form and Proposed Budget

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Dear Members and Friends of Decatur Presbyterian Church,

Since early 2020, we have all travelled a difficult path no one could foresee.  Through God’s grace, Decatur Presbyterian Church has persevered and enjoyed many “silver linings” along the way. We have reinvented how we do church. We have learned how to Zoom, how to livestream, and how to worship through YouTube videos. We have loved and supported one another virtually. We have continued to minister to our community from a physical distance. And now, we look forward to a new chapter. As our bicentennial year draws near, an era for our congregation is ending, and a new one is dawning.

To take up the mantle and meet the unique challenges of our time, we invite you to go “ALL IN” in support of our 2022 Stewardship Campaign. We hope to inspire 100% of our active members to give a monthly gift to sustain and strengthen the ministries of Decatur Presbyterian Church in 2022.

Several of our committed lay leaders – Elizabeth Webb, Neal Davies, Walt Drake, and Lacy Bedol – encouraged us recently during worship to meet this moment with courage and commitment. View their inspiring messages on YouTube: Simply search for “Decatur Presbyterian Church.” (If you have any trouble watching a YouTube video, ask any of our staff members or anyone under the age of 30!)

In all that we do, we are called to be faithful to God. God has given us all that we need to love God and to love and serve our neighbors. To fulfill this high calling, our goal is to give back a total of $1,306,501 in 2022 to support our ministries and provide our dedicated staff, who design, plan, lead, and facilitate our ministries, a 3% raise.

With your participation, we will succeed. We will increase the number and percentage of active members engaged in regular monthly giving, engage our college students and young adults in giving what they can each month, and inspire our regular, generous donors to increase their giving significantly (10% or more).

Commitment Sunday is Sunday, November 14.  Please complete the online commitment form available at    Pledge Form Link or complete the included commitment card and bring it with you to worship that morning).  Your support will help ensure that we continue to love, preach, worship, nurture and serve as an exhibition of the kingdom of heaven on the corner of Church and Sycamore streets in Decatur, Georgia for another two hundred years!

Blessings and Peace,

Rev. Dr. J. Todd Speed                                                                           Elizabeth Webb

Senior Pastor                                                                                          Stewardship Chair


Please listen to inspiring messages from DPC Elders

Scroll Down to view messages from:

  • Elizabeth Webb: Stewardship Ministry Chair
  • Neal Davies: Clerk of the Session
  • Walt Drake: 2020 Trustee and Elder
  • Lacy Bedol: Incoming Elder to the DPC Session

Video 1: Elizabeth Webb, Stewardship Ministry Chair.

Elizabeth shares an important message about the history and accomplishments of Decatur Presbyterian Church, as well as the essential ministries we are carrying out today.


Video 2: Neal Davies: The Arms of God are Long and Strong

Neal says to be “All In” means “we must serve and support this Godly place through which so many saintly souls have passed.”


Video 3: Walt Drake: Long Time Member and Elder

Walt talks about how Decatur Presbyterian Church is our special home and we need to step up.

Video 4: Lacy Bedol: Incoming Elder of the DPC Session

Lacy talks about how the Saints of Decatur Presbyterian Church were ‘All In’ in their efforts to support the church.



Luke 12:48
 “From everyone to whom much has been given,
much will be required;
and from the one to whom much has been entrusted,
even more will be demanded.”