The Concept

Community Groups, DPC’s small group ministry, are a way that we gather in community to make spiritual sense out of our lives and the world. 

In these groups we gather in Christian community in homes, coffee shops, restaurants or other places around town, to share our life and faith with one another. Community is at the heart of what Christ taught and practiced and so we believe that in community groups we will discover our belonging to God and to one another. 

The Structure 

Each Community Group meeting will last an hour and a half. The first half of the meeting will be focused on study (45 minutes). The second half of the meeting will focus on the question, “Where do you see God at work in your life?” Each session will close with pray and sharing joys and concerns. 

Bible and Book Discussion

This winter/spring, groups will be reading Mary Ann McKibben Dana’s God, Improv, and The Art of Living. “Offering concrete spiritual wisdom through seven improv principles, [McKibben Dana] helps readers become more awake, creative, resilient, and ready to play–even (especially) when life doesn’t go according to plan.” 

DPC Community Groups do not have to have a single leader. Instead, groups follow a model of shared leadership and responsibility. Everyone in the group has the opportunity to facilitate the discussion (if they so desire). At your first gathering your group will decide who will facilitate each meeting. Other group responsibilities include snack coordinator, time keeper, and someone to keep track of prayer requests. Opening prayer, book and bible study discussion questions are provided in the curriculum.

Where do you see God at work in your life? (45 minutes)

The very act of asking this simple question on a weekly basis causes you to pay more attention to the presence of God in your daily life. Asking that one question at any particular group meeting might not seem significant, but asking that question in the presence of others on an ongoing, weekly basis, is a practice that the Holy Spirit can use to drastically change your life.  This time is not for sharing joys and concerns (that happens later!). This time is not intended to solve problems. It is a time to practice listening to others. It is a time to practice recognizing God’s leading in your life.

Time Frame

Ideally each Community Group will meet every other week beginning the first full week in February. Each group will decide on their own meeting place. 

When you sign up, please indicate which day/time works best for you: (a) Sunday following worship, (b) Sunday evening, (c) Wednesday evening following supper, or (d) Thursday during the lunch hour. Once groups are formed, you’ll receive an email about your first meeting. 


Email Rev. Alex Rodgers, at, if you have any questions or would like to get connected to a Community Group. 

God, Improv, and The Art Of Livingby MaryAnn McKibben Dana can be ordered here: