Contact: Brandon Laird
or call 404-378-1777
Place: Bradley Building

I would like to visit my child’s classroom. What is the DPCC policy?

DPCC has an open door policy for parents after the first six weeks of school.

It’s important that my child be in an environment with experienced teachers and staff.

DPCC has a very experienced staff. A majority of the staff has been at DPCC an average of 10 years.

Is there an outdoor playground?

We have a wonderful, age-appropriate outdoor playground that children love!

What if my child has just a slight fever?

We will make every effort to insure your child’s health and well -being. Hand washing is an important part of good hygiene and, therefore, our day. Children need to be fever-free, nausea-free, and diarrhea-free without medication for 24 hours before returning to school. Children should not come to school if they have a cold or contagious viral infection such as Fifth’s Disease, chicken pox, flu, coxsackis, mumps, to name a few. Please err on the side of caution and community health in the decision of sending your child to school.

What is Lunch Bunch?

Lunch Bunch is DPCC’s extended care program until 1:00 pm. The children bring their lunch to eat and then play together. Infants and toddlers remain in the Sycamore House for Lunch Bunch. This is a great social time for the children and a little extra time for parents – and it ends in time for a nap at home!

How does car pooling work?

Carpool is how students arrive and leave school at the Bradley Building. Parents drop off and pick up their children under the portico between the building and the playground. The teachers will escort the children to and from the cars. The children find it easier to leave their parents at the car than to be left by their parents at the classroom door.

Are snacks provided?

Your child will be assigned a week or two to bring snacks by being given the snack basket. They should bring two low-sugar snacks. During this week your child will be given special opportunities such as being the line leader for the class.

Does DPCC offer a summer program?

Sunshine Summer is our 4-week camp for young children. It runs Tuesday-Thursday from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. in June and July. Registration begins in the spring. It is a great introduction to school life at DPCC.

How is religion incorporated in curriculum?

Blessings are a part of each meal and snack time in all the classes. Blessings are part of the school day. Thanksgiving and Christmas are celebrated in song and art – all with emphasis on gratitude for God.

We say blessings together before snacks and lunch. Each classroom has a creche at Christmas and we tell the story of Jesus’ birth to the children. The four and five year old classes participate in a Thanksgiving worship service and a Christmas pageant of Jesus’ nativity. We welcome families to share their religious traditions with their child’s class.

The four and five year olds also participate in a Chapel service each Thursday morning.

The teachers begin each school day with a devotion, talking about the upcoming day and prayer.

What about school closings during inclement weather?

Decatur Presbyterian Children’s Community will close due to inclement weather when Decatur City Schools close.